Self-Care Routines: How to Help Kids Who Struggle With Motor Skills

By The Understood Team

Expert reviewed by Keri Wilmot

Kids who struggle with motor skills might have trouble with a skill called motor planning. This skill helps us remember the steps to do something and do them in order.

Trouble with motor planning can make it hard to do basic routines, like getting dressed or brushing teeth. (This can also be a problem for kids who struggle with .) But there are ways to help.

Using a chart can help your child get better at everyday tasks. Watch the two-minute tutorial below for ideas. You can also download and print these picture charts for brushing teeth, washing hands, and getting dressed.

Brushing TeethPDF

Washing HandsPDF

Getting DressedPDF

About the author

About the author

The Understood Team is made up of passionate writers and editors. Many of them have kids who learn and think differently.

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Reviewed by

Keri Wilmot is an occupational therapist who works with children of varying ages and abilities in all areas of pediatrics.