Download: Sample letters for requesting evaluations and reports

By Amanda Morin

Ask for Information About the Referral ProcessPDF

Request to Begin the Evaluation ProcessPDF

Accept the Evaluation Plan With ConditionsPDF

Reject the Evaluation PlanPDF

Request the Evaluation ReportPDF

Request an Independent Educational Evaluation at Public ExpensePDF

Once you’ve decided to ask the school to evaluate your child for , it’s time to put your request in writing. Sending a letter documents your concerns and that you made the request. It also outlines what you and the school have already tried to do to help your child.

After you request an evaluation, the next step is for your child’s school to approve or deny the request. If it’s approved, you’ll receive an evaluation plan. You can either accept or reject the plan.

Use these sample letters to communicate with the school. Keep in mind that every child’s situation is different, so you’ll need to customize the letters for your needs.

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    About the author

    About the author

    Amanda Morin is the director of thought leadership at Understood and author of “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education.” She worked as a classroom teacher and early intervention specialist for more than a decade.

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