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Our leadership

Meet our leadership team

  • Fred Poses

    CEO and President of Understood

    As the leader of Understood, Fred is committed to ensuring that everyone who learns and thinks differently can thrive.

  • Nancy Poses

    Chair of the Board

    Nancy Poses has dedicated her life to shaping the world for difference.

  • Karin Bilich

    Vice President of Editorial Content

    Karin leads Understood’s Editorial and Learning Team, a group of writers, editors, and experts who focus on those who learn and think differently.

  • Haftan Eckholdt

    Chief Data Officer and Chief Science Officer

    Haftan leads data analytics, modeling, and building of new initiatives tailored to people who learn and think differently for Understood.

  • Nathan Friedman

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Nathan leads the multifaceted brand strategy, product marketing, consumer engagement, communications, creative and production functions.

  • Jenny Wu

    Chief Product Officer

    Jenny leads the product management, design, and user research functions for Understood.

  • Yvonne Yancy

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Yvonne leads people, finance, legal, and administration teams for Understood.

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Our mission

We believe everyone deserves to be understood. That’s why shaping the world for difference isn’t just one of our goals — it’s our main goal. Discover how we continue to work toward it by helping the 1 in 5 Americans who learn and think differently.

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Our partnerships

We work with a diverse group of partners, who all share our passion for shaping the world for difference. See how they collaborate with us on ways to advance our mission.

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